Set your internet free

If you are living in a country where access to the Internet is restricted or censored then you need Jungl. Jungl is a whitelabel VPN service designed to secure your Internet connection and unblock websites

Unblock sites

Stuck behind the Great Firewall? Jungl bypasses those pesky restrictions - just as if you were sitting at a cafe in Texas!

Surf Privately

Jungl tunnels and encrypts your Internet traffic - making if very difficult for your ISP / government / Employer to spy on you.

Bypass Geo-blocking

Websites telling you you live in the wrong country? Use Jungl to get a US / Australian / Singaporean / UK IP-address

We take security

Jungl is used by hundreds of people every day who use our service to stay anonymous online. We use our own product on a daily basis and rely on the security and anonymity that having a VPN provides.

Mac & PC Support

Our VPN runs great on both Mac and PC platforms. If you are a console jockey who runs Linux we can grok that too!

Secure Protocols

Jungl only runs VPN protocols that provide mutual authentication, ensuring end-to-end security between our customer's computers and our servers.

iPhone Support

Bring your iPhones, iPads and iDevices - they work great in conjuction with the OpenVPN app for iOS.


Jungl has been providing VPNs since 2007. We're happy to answer questions about our infrastructure and security practices.

Flexible Payments

Don't need to use the VPN for a few months? No problem! Our monthly plans allow you to suspend payments.

Great support

Jungl has a proven track record of providing stellar customer support - we usually to respond to support requests within 4 hours or less.

Whitelabel VPN

Jungl no longer sells direct to the consumer - click on the "Help" button if you are interested in wholesale options.

Outline popular!


  • VPN for all your devices
  • Mac, PC, iOS and Android
  • Great Support
  • Instant Activation

Questions & Technical specs

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

OpenVPN is a well established VPN technology that uses similar technology to HTTPS websites to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your online communications.

Outline is a modern VPN technology that in addition to providing confidentiality and integrity is able to evade packet analysis and therefore is harder to block. Chose Outline if you reside in China.

Both OpenVPN and Outline (Outline is an implementation of the Shadowsocks protocol) have undergone security audits. Latest security audit was 2018 for Outline and 2017 for OpenVPN
Yes, if you are on a monthly subscription you can suspend your VPN account and re-activate it when you need it. No setup needed simply let us know and we'll re-activate your account.
Please don't use our service for illegal activities like sending spam, hacking, or illegally downloading copyrighted material such as TV shows or movies over Bittorrent. If you break these rules we will be forced to terminate your connection.
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